Pakistani researchers effervescence marked in International Chemistry Olympiad

STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan is full of talent and exuberance in every field as it was attested when the students team belonging from HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry (HEJ-RIC), International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi (UoK) won two bronze medals in 47th International Chemistry Olympiad held in Azerbaijan. Nearly 300 young students and over 250 chemists, scientists, jury members, experts in chemistry, educators, observers and team mentors from 75 countries of 5 continents participated in the prestigious competition.

The Pakistani team was supervised by Dr M Raza Shah and Dr Khalid M Khan from HEJ-RIC.

Dr Khalid M Khan stated on the achievement, “Pakistan`s academia, especially UoK is determined to produce quality research work and the recognition of its resource at international level are certainly a feather in the cap of university that will also inspire young researchers”.

He also broke the news that 48th International Chemistry Olympiad will be held in HEJ-RIC, ICCBS next year.

The award winning of Pakistani researchers is the hint of improvement in research culture in the country. Although the facilities and laboratories still have a huge room of improvement in terms of equipment etc. The scientific potentials turn national and natural assets into achievements and have important role to play in national development.

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