PTA and LEAs urged to clean web space

STAFF REPORT ISB: The cyber world on end serves number of business, institutions, social welfare etc. purposes but on the other hand the militants or radical elements of society also take immense advantage from this facility and contaminate public opinion by information pollution through various cyber channels.

Tahir Iqbal while chairing the National Assembly`s standing committee on Information and Technology proposed, “The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and law enforcement agencies must work in close coordination to identify and block such websites which are over 25,000 in number in Pakistan”.

Chairman PTA, Dr Ismail Shah was also present in the meeting. He divulged that PTA`s mandate must be broadened as to block a particular website PTA must have a registered complaint on it or otherwise it cannot take action.

The integrated efforts of PTA and law enforcement agencies can curtail such malicious cyber elements and draw a line between and black and the white.

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