NEPRA approves tariff for 350MW Coal Power Plant

STAFF REPORT KHI: The tariff of 350MW Coal fired power plant has been approved. The power plant is first of its kind project which will be set up at Port Qasim, Karachi by private company Siddiqsons Energy Limited (SEL).

A. Rahim Rafi, Chief Executive Officer SEL commented on the approval of the tariff, “NEPRA approval of upfront tariff for this coal fired power plant will help to speed up the progress on this project. The company strives to bring innovative cost efficient energy solutions and development of energy sector in Pakistan to address the chronic energy crisis in Pakistan and thus play our part in energy production and national development at large”.

“Coal is the cheapest source of electricity and world has already tapped coal reservoirs to meet their energy demands. The global trend shows that 41 percent of world is producing electricity through coal unlike to that Pakistan is only producing a paltry 1 percent of its energy share through coal despite being rich in coal reservoirs”, he further added.

The coal is economically viable source of electricity generation unlike to conventional hydro power plants which are highly costly.

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