Pakistan introduces project for knowledge based economy

STAFF REPORT ISB: The accreditation and recognition of students achievements in different fields is significant to encourage them and also in creation of competitive ecosystem in education sector. The ILM Pakistan Movement was launched recently in a ceremony organized by Higher Education Commission (HEC). The motive of the project is to realize the importance of civic responsibility amongst students and impart the necessary pros required for sustainability in education sector by acknowledging the accomplishments of students.

Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal was the chief guest of the event. He said while addressing to the participants, “Youth and education relation must be fostered through enabling policies and this initiative of ILM Pakistan Movement is one façade of the blueprint of government righteous policies. Through Science education, literacy rate uplifting and technological innovations Pakistan can become one of the developed countries as it is endowed with immense natural resources that can be utilized for national development and economic sustainability”.

HEC Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmed underscored significance of knowledge for a nation’s growth and appreciated the initiatives for development of education at all levels. He expressed contentment over the priorities of the government for education system uplifting through various revolutionary initiatives.

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