Coordinated and integrated efforts can certify S&T advancement

Ahsan Jamil

THE DEVELOPED countries have always emphasized on scientific developments to identify, hone and extract maximum out of the resources available in country; in fact SandT development can prompt to create resources for national development and economic uplifting. The proactive role of SandT organizations and linkages are much important and need of the hour. The deliberations made on improvement of the sector need persistent efforts to ensure apt implementation of the policies in order to surface the road to prosperity.

The esteem agency for SandT promotion Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Science Foundation (ECOSF) held 2nd meeting of the Board of Trustees here is Islamabad this week to identify areas of regional improvements in SandT sector and implementation plan and review the progresses made over the years.The dignitaries from experts, policy makers, diplomats, scientists from eight member states of ECOSF participated in the meeting.

Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President of the ECOSF, talking to media said, “The scientific and technological developments demands stern actions of mutual cooperation through joint RandD activities, student and faculty exchange programmes, exchange of scientific knowledge and interdisciplinary applied research in order to abet the national and regional cooperation and make sure to leave a better world for the coming generations”.

Dr Mojtaba Sadighi, Deputy Minister and President of Student Affairs Organization, I.R. Iran, talking exclusively to Technology Times emphasized on the need of popularization of science, he said, “The scientific advancement also requires dissemination of scientific information to the masses. The general public and youth in particular can be accessed through the conventional and unconventional ways like television, newspapers, and the relatively new entrant the internet. Nowadays, communication has also become advanced and it can be termed as smart communication therefore just serious intents are required to project scientific advancements through optimum media coverage. The media outlets are required to come up and give the due weightage for the noble cause of SandT popularization”.

The SandT promotion and awareness and community level involvement is necessary in order to broaden the scale of productivity. The participants of the meeting unanimously agreed to boost cooperation among the member states of ECOSF including Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, the Kyrgyzistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

Another important aspect is the effective monitoring of national needs and the dynamics that govern the changes in SandT sectors. Therefore frequent revisit of policies is also required to align the orientation of priorities with the need of time and to ensure the directional righteousness in terms of initiatives.

The ECOSF member states pledged to take up the challenges faced by the countries and hailed various programmes of the organization paving the way for scientific promotion and creation of knowledge based economies. The science, technology if coupled with innovation can do wonders and can quash the monstrous challenges faced by the nation. The innovation and improvisation are key drivers which can be the game changer in reversing the lack luster scenario.

The integrated efforts of academia, SandT organizations, industry, engineering institutes, RandD and the pressure groups working for SandT promotion in the country need to fuse together to produce synergic impact and render the objectivity at national as well as regional level for economic stability. The engagement of youth is highly imperative in the existing circumstances and the ECOSF member countries experts stressed on it categorically.

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