NCT to play proactive role in providing cut-rate healthcare facilities: Zabta Shinwari

STAFF REPORT ISB: The maiden session of National Council for Tibb(NCT) was held to deliberate the strategies to attain the objectives of the council. The session was presided by newly elected President NCT, Prof Dr Zabta Khan Shinwari. The members of the NCT from across the country participated in the event.

Prof Zabta Khan Shinwari stressed on the need of major reforms required for improvement of NCT. He said while speaking on the occasion, “NCT must be taken at that level where we can ensure access of people to low-price healthcare opporunities to people without any sort of discrimination. The world is working on natural methods of healthcare and we must eye to lead this field”.

“The efforts are being made for equaivalency of Diploma in Tibb to Intermediate and Graduation in order to improve the edcuation standard in this field”, he further added.

The particiants highlighted various issues in the Tibb field which were addressed by the executives. It was also suggested that a medical practitioner having expertise and qualification in multiple modes of medical must be allowed to practise in both forms i.e. Tibb and homeopathic for instance. The approval of estimated budget of NCT for year 2015-16 was also approved at the occasion.

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