Huawei Cloud Innovation Road Show ends

STAFF REPORT ISB: Huawei have always strived for ICT promotion in the country. The Company organized a Cloud Innovation Road Show which concluded recently. An immense turn out from public and private organizations, students, researchers and professionals appeared in the event in large number.

The advanced Information Technology (IT) and cloud based solutions were showcased in the exhibition and various public and private sector organizations were made cognizant with the latest technology and were urged to incorporate those in their respective domains to make their organizations at par to the developed countries counterparts by adaptation of these advanced solutions that are intended for improvement and streamlining of various enterprises.

“Pakistan is at a junction of development. The abundant human resources and an understanding of cutting-edge technology is the glimpse that Pakistans ICT market will continue to swell and contribute to the overall development of society,” says Aragon Meng, CEO Huawei Pakistan.

Huawei always strived for IT and ICT promotion in the country and this Road Show was a great success in terms of popularizing the ICT countrywide. The large number of professionals gained immense benefit through this exposure. The company`s outreach and linkages with several similar SMEs was also fostered through this exhibition.

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