Pakathon launches online university

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakathon is the premier flagship organization striving to create a pool of technology addicts and increase the worldwide connectivity of Pakistanis across the globe through various programs. Pakathon has recently launched an online university to build capacities in entrepreneurship. The purpose of the initiative is to educate the rising entrepreneurs. Pakathon has instigated online modules in technology for avid adherents of business.

The modules will be received by the participants through email. The nucleus of modules revolves around interaction and conversation thus fostering exchange of expertise.

Pakathon President Asad Badruddin said on launching of online varsity, “Pakathon think tank team observed lack of content pertaining to entrepreneurship that Pakistanis could relate to; therefore, realizing the responsibility Pakathon team explored that they could create some sorcery by looking at aspiring role models”.

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