ITU launches telephone based employer-job seeker platform

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Information Technology University (ITU) is striving to produce skilled human resource especially in Information Technology and Robotics domain. ITU on and off initiates several projects aiming to address several socio-economic problems through innovation and technology. The Hello Rozgar project has been launched by ITU recently in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The project is aimed to connect job seekers with employers through a telephone based speech portal.

The users can get registered with Hello Rozgar by calling Hello Rozgar and providing basic information i.e. Name, CNIC, profession, location etc. Once the registration is completed, employers can put audio advertisements for jobs which are played to the potential candidate fulfilling the basic requisites of the job.

Vice Chancellor ITU, Dr Umar Saif said while commenting on the project, “This is a unique kind of platform where employers and job seekers can connect. The project will account to help reduce unemployment issues, empower the youth and open up avenues to prove their flair”.

The project was made possible due to tiring efforts of researchers at ITU who generated the idea and made serious efforts to implement it and eventually it has been out expecting to create a buzz in the industry.

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