Mobilink unleashes newer version of Mobitunes App

STAFF REPORT LHR: Mobilink has launched the newer version of Mobitunes Mobile App. The newly launched Mobitune 2.0 is a freeware app and can be downloaded from Google Play AppStore.

The exciting new features are included in the advanced version for consumer convenience. The Status Mobitunes and Personalized Mobitunes are the additional keys introduced in the latest version. Mobitunes has a rich bank of tunes including 150,000 plus which consumers can opt to welcome the callers instead of conventional boring tunes.

Kamran Moeen, Head of VAS, Mobilink commented on the launching of newer version of Mobitune app, “Mobitunes Mobile Application is such an improvisation; the company has merged famous value added service (VAS) with a technologically forward platform leading to digitization of traditional Mobitunes content. The App allows customers great flexibility and convenience in searching and setting Mobitunes with a simple tap of the screen rather than having to use traditional mediums of SMS or dialing the IVR”.

The newer version of Mobitunes offers extended freedom to customers by not just enabling them to opt the right Mobitune with just a touch of their finger, but by connecting them with friends and family through a personalized App experience.

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