NADRA signs agreement with InfoTech for tech solutions

STAFF REPORT LHR: The role of technology in public service delivery is inevitable and it can help boost an organization`s operation efficiency to a great deal. National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) has always strived for excellent state of the art facilities to give consumers a reliable service and further extending the technological advancement of the organization, NADRA has recently signed an agreement with InfoTech Group, leading system integrator and technology solutions company.

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According to the agreement InfoTech Group will provide an application server middleware platform allowing automation of CNIC acquisition process through online channel. InfoTech has deployed IBM Websphere at NADRA offices and will provide maintenance and consultancy services throughout the project. InfoTech is providing back end web hosting service support as well to NADRA.

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Senior official of NADRA said while commenting on the agreement, “NADRA is a strong proponent of using technological solutions for betterment of overall infrastructure of the organization and this agreement is a landmark which will enable NADRA automate its online CNIC processing systems and convenience will be eventually brought to the consumers and they will not have to wait in long queues as all the process will be automated and online”.

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