Experts emphasize on Innovative Solutions for energy & environment conservations

STAFF REPORT ISB: The experts from key environmental agencies have called for the innovative solutions as the elixir for climate change and coping with the energy shortage challenge. The innovative ideas and solutions were floated in a locally held event stressing on use of climate friendly technologies.

Azeem Khan Khoso, Deputy Director, Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) was present on the occasion. He said that there is a need for architectures as well to introduce improvisation in the designs of buildings that could utilize maximum sunlight and reduce power consumption. This will help in power load management for energy conservation.

“Innovative solutions are essential to tackle climate change and energy crises in the country. Renewable energy can meet all our energy needs in a safe and reliable way,” he added.

Dr Khurshid Khan, South Asia Cooperative Environment Programme (SACEP) Director General vividly opposed the fossil fuel consumption and deemed it as the major culprit in climate change scenario. He floated the idea of using an innovative product for energy conservation, “Light catcher is a compact, dome-shaped technology which enhances and spreads daylight into buildings in the most optimal way and it can certain a major breakthrough if adaptation of this product is embraced at a desired level”.

The experts were of the view that mode of infrastructure development can be used in a cost-benefit analysis of greenhouse gas emission reduction.

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