Punjab agri department vows to mollify noxious agri medicine sellers

STAFF REPORT LHR: The adulteration in pesticides, fertilizers is the noxious practice that ruins the crops. This malefactor and shady area must be exposed by concerned departments in order to ensure food and agriculture security. The Punjab government department of agriculture has decided to take stern actions on the agriculture and pesticide business owners involved in this consumer crime.

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Dr Farrukh Javed, Agriculture Minister Punjab has issued directions to all the district coordination officers and staff of Agriculture department and pesticide inspectors to start a crackdown against the crooked business owners that are responsible for huge national loss just for monetary benefit.

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The raids will be conducted in different cities of Punjab to identify and curtail the malicious elements indulged in this malpractice. The special task forces of Agriculture department have been formed to conduct raids and mollify this corruption and ensure transparency that will help a great deal in agriculture uplifting and increasing crop yield as huge losses were incurred earlier on due to usage of spurious fertilizers and pesticides.

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Agriculture sector contributes 21% to the GDP of the country and this share can be increased through proper monitoring, auditing, and introduction of advanced farming techniques, micro-financing etc.

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