Water scarcity in Pakistan voiced at World Water Week

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan is expected to become one of the most water stressed countries of the region due to lack of water policy, climate change impacts, inadequate water reservoir management facilities, and over consumption of water. These views were expressed by Arif Ahmed, Secretary, Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) during his participation in World Water Week (WWW) organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

Arif Ahmed said while speaking on the occasion, “The climate change is one of most surreal global challenges which poses serious threats to biodiversity, sustainable livelihood resources, socio-economic stability, water and food security, health and many more. The global water cycle has been disturbed by climate change impacts and water harvesting, conservation and judicious application at all levels through integrated efforts can better prepare us to combat the water scarcity challenges”.

He hailed the strategic framework established to deliberate global water challenges.

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