Book on organic nomenclature released

STAFF REPORT ISB: The scientific literature and content plays a pivotal role in understanding of the subjects. National Book Foundation (NBF) has recently published a book titled as Systematic Organic Nomenclature. The book is authored by Professor Zia ul Haq who is an experienced chemistry professor.

Commenting about the book, Professor Zia ul Haq said, “The book is intended for college and university students of organic chemistry. The book attempts to cater the comprehensive understanding of IUPAC nomenclature convention of organic compounds”.

The book has 26 chapters and entails all functional groups IUPAC nomenclature rules in a stepwise manner. Each chapter has included an exercise at the end in order to give opportunity to readers to self-assess their understanding about the chapter.

Prof Zia ul Haq served as Head of Chemistry Department in Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU).

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