PM Youth Training Scheme underway

STAFF REPORT ISB: The Prime Minister`s Youth Training Scheme (PMYTS) was one of the ten projects that got approval from Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC) the other day. The PMYTS aims to provide technical trainings to graduates from universities across the country to as many as 150,000 students in the next three years.

Inter-Provincial Coordination Secretary Ijaz Chaudhry said on the occasion, “The college graduates with a 16 years education will be eligible to apply for the training programmes which is an attempt to develop technical expertise in the youth and open up avenues for their empowerment in different sectors in accordance to their academic background. The selected trainees will be paid a monthly stipend of Rs12,000”.

Each year, 50,000 graduates will be enrolled under PMYTS that the government wants to launch from October 1. Positions will be distributed among the provinces on the basis of provincial quotas under the National Finance Commission (NFC) award.

The Punjab government has also started Punjab Youth Internship Programme since 2012 and this new federal counterpart can be a phenomenal success in terms of capacity building and youth empowerment.

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