WWF-Pak, FFC bond together to preserve rare dolphin species

STAFF REPORT ISB: WWF-Pakistan, the country foremost environmental and nature protection association, and Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, Pakistan’s chief fertilizer brand have bonded together through an agreement, to save the Indus waterway dolphin in Pakistan.

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The understanding was marked in a service with incredible responsibility to supporting dolphin protection for one year at first. On the other hand, the undertaking may be stretched out to three years.

WWF-Pakistan Director General Hammad Naqi Khan said on the occasion, “Indus River dolphin was confronting various dangers, which should be tended to on constant premise. He further commented that this respective association would contribute and further fortify the Indus River dolphin preservation program”.

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FFC-CSR Senior Manager Brig (r) Munawar Hayat Khan Niazi said while talking on the event, “The engagement of FFC in Indus River Dolphin Conservation Program (IRDCP) with WWF-Pakistan is a genuine impression of the organization’s sympathy toward an economic situation”.

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There are just five types of freshwater dolphins found in the bigger river frameworks of the world today. The Indus River in Pakistan is home to the rarest specie of stream dolphin; where a populace of around 1,452 dolphins is dispersed in the middle of Chashma and Kotri floods.

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