ITU researchers develop solar powered telephone network

STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistani researchers have built up a convenient, solar power controlled cellular telephone system for utilization in a catastrophes like floods and quakes when standard correspondences are frequently disturbed.

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Researcher at the Information Technology University (ITU) in Lahore, together with a group from the University of California, have built up a model “Rescue Base Station” (RBS) for Pakistan – the nation’s first crisis telecoms framework that would chip away at typical PDAs.

Vice Chancellor, ITU, Dr Umar Saif said, “At the point when the RBS is introduced in a disaster struck region, individuals naturally begin getting its signs on their cell telephones. They can physically pick it and after that call, send messages and even search (web) information for nothing out of pocket”.

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The RBS is a lightweight, rectangular box fitted with a receiving wire, a sign intensifier and a battery, which can be conveyed effectively and even dropped by helicopter in difficult to-access disaster zones. It has a solar light based board to charge the battery, to keep it working in spots without electric force. An option interchanges framework like this could assist save with connecting so as to live when debacles hit survivors with Rescue specialists and government authorities.

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