OIC Summit Postponed – Pak sheds host`s sanctity

STAFF REPORT ISB: The much awaited mega event of OIC Summit has been postponed by authorities, stating security concerns as prime spoiler. The relevant authorities have confirmed the news and participants have also been officially notified of the postponement. The two day OIC Summit was scheduled on November 10-11, 2015, the new dates have not been announced yet.

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According to the sources from COMSTECH, the OIC Summit invitation was sent to Heads of 56 Islamic States, 3 Vice Presidents of World Bank, Director COP21 and many other dignitaries from Muslim world to deliberate cooperation strategy in several science and technology frontiers to bring Muslim Ummah at par to the western developed countries.

The traverse of losses incurred due to this postponement are beyond quantifiable perimeters as it was a great opportunity being missed at crucial time when Pakistan`s image in outer world just began to mend in all aspects of infrastructure development, SandT nurturing, RandD etc. but yet again law and order and security reasons are being accused of plundering the show.

Gov also attested to anti Pakistan elements agenda of sabotaging productive activities in Pakistan by kneeling down on security issues; so whining on sports grounds being empty and neglecting Pakistan to host international events were nothing but hangdog claims. Government officials themselves gave a hint to Muslim Ummah and rest of the world that Pakistan is not a secure place to host such events. It is interesting to note that such events are indoor and conducted in highly prestigious atmosphere and no public engagement or presentation is made and yet security reasons hampered and compelled to postpone the event.

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It is pertinent to note down that a hefty amount of rupees five billion had been allocated to the CDA for beautification of Islamabad Capital Territory for OIC Summit while it wasn`t certain that security will be up to the desired level or not; it brings up several questions for government whether security concern is the actual cause of postponement or is there any conflict of priorities?

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Pakistan hosting the event for the third time would have raised its stature a thousand feet high provided all the scheduling, timelines, agenda, and organization of the event were accomplished in an apt manner but due to postponement, and busy schedule of dignitaries, Pakistan has certainly lost the opportunity and must have caused serious inconvenience for the prospective participants considering their busy schedule it will not be easy to bring all of them on board again.

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