Marginalization of major fraction is haunting national development

MARGINALIZATION IS basically a social process of becoming marginal (especially as a group within the larger society). The underclass is usually seen being marginalized in every society not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

A culture depicts the ways a society lives. Pakistan is a male dominant society. Lets have some facts from the history, as you know there are very few women who became President or Prime Minister of a country, after World War 2 women were given the right to vote in the election, they were not considered as the agents of development, but they were generally ignored in the society, they were disqualified, they were exploited. Then for the first time United Nations advanced the agenda by designating 1975 as the international year of women, which has opened many windows for women, to present their talents, skills in the society.

In Pakistan, hardly there would be any field in which women has not participated; she is flying an airplane, eminent contributions in science and technology etc. Marginalization can mainly be classified under three contexts i.e. political, social and economical. A capitalist economist would say that we should impose very high taxes in the country, so that it will become hard to meet the both ends, and eventually women from every house will be compelled to work, to meet the expenses, now this is a capitalist thought.

On the other hand if you want that women should work then there should not be the social marginalization of women for example in Pakistan 35% of women are employed as compared to man, 65% male have more employment, now women are being doubly marginalized, if you are creating conditions in a country of women employment then should create the opportunities as well. In Pakistan society women are being discriminated, they are not being paid, as much as men are being paid, instead of empowerment there is exploitation.

If we look into the culture of western society, we see that western women employees are breaking the glass ceiling effect, in the industry, for breaking the glass ceiling affect they have to compromise a lot on other things i.e. wedding, having family etc. Women can break the glass ceiling effect and come at the top position at the age of 30 or more than that. For that a woman has to kill her personal desires /feelings just due to economic marginalization because if you get married, you would not get any promotion then, the organization doesnt prefer any married women. It is a fact that aging of women comes faster as compared to men, and when they grow old they have to suffer a lot in the society because they would not have any children and family.

We should create job opportunities, but should not compel any person to go out for a job especially women because their certain limitations attached to them. Women role is political, socially, economically not only marginalized but is being exploited. They should be empowered and appreciated in every stage of her life.

“A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her”.

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