PTA initiates Work from Home facility for employees

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has reported its ‘Telecommute’ (work from home) strategy on exploratory premise for its female staff.

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Keeping in mind the end goal to provide convenience with workplace for ladies we have presented another strategy which permits our female staff ‘TO WORK FROM HOME’ utilizing telecom, said Khurram Mehran, Director Commercial Affairs.

“A group of female officers with youthful kids has been permitted one day WORK FROM HOME” amid a week. After the first stage more officers will be permitted to profit the offer,” he added.

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As per PTA sources, all offices essentials including online entrance, email and other information assets have been designed for remote access and utilization. He said contraptions and framework have been given to the staff to guarantee correspondence between staff ‘Telecommuting’ and directors.

Authorities trust that the new choice won’t just enable workers and give square with circumstances, however will likewise upgrade profitability.

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Note that this idea is not new truth be told it is broadly received in world over particularly in IT and Telecom segment.

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