PTA raids illegal gateway exchange in Lahore

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in its continuous endeavors to control grey traffickers has uncovered an illegal gateway exchange in Lahore.

PTA conducted an effective raid against the grey traffickers was done alongside FIA groups at Ichra Shopping Center, Lahore. An unlawful trade involving one router, 16 modems, along with different types of gear like CPU, switches, SIMs, Laptop and Modem of different organizations were seized. One individual was captured on the spot, who is in the authority of FIA for further examination,

The effective assaults against the grey traffickers were made conceivable in light of ceaseless observing, duty and constant efforts by PTA in controlling the menace of grey traffick consequently abridging the misfortune to the national exchequer on account of grey traffickers in the country.

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