Effective policy making can be triggered by optimum community involvement

ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH on Technology Foresight revealed some deep facts about normalizing conflicting scenarios, especially in policy-oriented scenarios. A recent development in policy related to energy is to save it for the purpose of channelizing it to where it is needed basically rather than for window shopping oriented markets.

The developed countries have realized it long ago and have successfully implemented the policy to stop the abuse or in soft word the improper abuse of technology. They learned it after suffering a lot, but we may do it successfully as we can learn from their mistakes and can contribute effectively using social bonds we have observed to be healthy and strong in our perspectives.

One keen observation is that of finding such key persons who can really change the mindsets of followers. We have been using stars, cricket players, and others to motivate the lovers to expedite change or diffuse a tech or related policy be accepted broadly. We have seen that resistance is there whenever a new policy is made and owning a change remains a problem due to little consultancy with broader social groups or inability to get the opinions of those who are impacted by documented policies or solutions.

Often in the exercise of future planning the discussion led to solution mediated by theology but in vain as resistance was there to keep it away from government or research. It was primarily based on apprehensions that it will lead to more complex situations but not some logical viewpoint that it will be causing what that will be hard to manage.

Despite the agreement among the experts on the effective way of handling a situation by religious scholars and that among the 3 persons, 2 would be from either Islam, Christianity or Hinduism it was hard to scientifically confront the idea of using these effective social leaders or mediators to normalize conflicting situations. Instead, they reflected to be happy on not managing the theology based entities. We have seen a strong bond of religion and its leaders are very effective in many respects in the given chaotic circumstances, but we need to include them in decision-making experts group discussions especially about technology.

Technology is now considered as not religion wise acceptable and declared to be not allowed which increase the importance of religious leaders to come forward. They are somehow raising voices but the lack of attention from government and improper or unpopular forums with little frequency devoted from authoritative bodies results in little or no impact. Often the impact is adverse rather than being positive. The stance is used negatively by those who want to spoil the image of the country or tarnish the image of religion.

Government being the only body to keep an eye on every good and bad activity and monitor organizations, the burden is on ministries and policy making bodies to be more socially active to overcome any wrong policy being implemented or formed.

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