WWF-Pak urges gov to amplify its voice in COP 21

STAFF REPORT LHR: WWF-Pakistan, alongside The Embassy of France in Pakistan and other common society accomplices sorted out a joint press conference in connection to the climate change issues. The question and answer session was sorted out keeping in mind the end goal to dispatch the ‘Pakistan Say Paris (From Pakistan to Paris)’ making a course for Paris Climate Conference.

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WWF-Pakistan Senior Director Ejaz Ahmad said on the event, “Pakistan is deliberating for various natural issues, for example, surges, frosty lake upheaval, tropical tornados, heat waves, uncertain precipitation and stream examples, declining groundwater levels, dry seasons, extending desertification, aridity and ocean level ascent”.

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Senior official of WWF-Pakistan said that the Paris Climate Conference was huge for Pakistan as the nation was a standout amongst the most vulnerable against environmental change. Since the previous couple of years, the nation is confronting the deadliest effects of environmental change in type of surges, torrents, dry seasons, tornados, ocean interruption and heat waves.

The discussion in Lahore is believed to be prelude to the Pakistani investment at the universal meeting. The gathering is a channel for the Pakistani government, NGOs and related establishments to meet up, examine and play an active part in global community by integrating to the global efforts in accord with combating climate change.

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