Joint Ad campaign launched by most powerful PC brands

PRESS RELEASE: Dell, HP, Intel, Lenovo and Microsoft are working for the on a joint publicizing effort that showcases the energizing development in today’s most up to date Personal Computers(PCs).

The combination of Intels best processors ever – 6th Generation Intel® Core™ processors – Microsofts latest Windows operating system – Windows 10 – and some of the thinnest and most innovative designs ever from Dell, HP and Lenovo was the driving force for these companies to align around an aspirational and educational message for the PC category.

The six-week campaign highlights the significant innovation in todays PCs, prompting consumers to ask “PC Does What?” and inspiring them to question whether their current PC can do the same. The integrated campaign will run across TV, digital and social elements, complemented by native advertising, to reinforce the advanced capabilities of the modern PC.

The campaigns five TV spots each highlight a different feature that surprises and delights the consumer. The campaign uses native advertising to create storylines through editorial and video that will show, share and personalize PC experiences in a relatable way. The micro site serves as the campaign landing page, giving consumers direct links to the native content and interactive information about the various PCs and features showcased throughout the campaign.

The joint campaign is designed to complement each companys respective fourth quarter marketing efforts and will conclude on Nov. 30.

The new PCs highlighted in the campaign and more are currently on the market, with more expected to arrive in time for the holidays. “The possibilities of todays PCs are endless, but millions of people are still using outdated systems,” said Karen Quintos, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Dell. “For consumers and business users alike, entirely new benefits and features come standard in the latest devices. Now is the perfect time to experience what youve been missing”.

“Powered by Windows 10, the modern PC has ushered in a new era of innovation,” said Chris Capossela, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Microsoft. “It seems only appropriate that the key players in this industry rally behind a single campaign to drive awareness about the innovative hardware and software propelling this change.”

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