Microsoft expresses emphatic interest to develop Pakistans innovation ecosystem

STAFF REPORT ISB: A high level meeting was held between Federal State Minister for Information Technology (MoIT) and Telecommunications, Anusha Rahman and the delegation of Microsoft USA to discuss mutual cooperation endeavors and identify the various opportunities in the IT sector for an innovation based economic model.

Anusha Rahman said in the midst of the meeting, “Pakistan is striving towards an enabling ecosystem where the big technology guns of World are looking at Pakistan with a potential focus of advancement and improvement as a result of its significantly talented and astute human capital”. She hailed the Microsoft’s foot print in Pakistan and said that this ought to encourage the lifestyle of improvement and examination in the country. That along these lines may bolster business endeavor and development up lift for the money related change of our people”.

Microsoft USA including Frank McCosker GM moderate access and Sidney Roberts, head of Technology and Research. The Microsoft delegation showed their relentless interest to unite with Pakistan through their development driven CSR exercises near to help gathering the lifestyle of progression and investigation by means of get ready and up skilling the human capital of Pakistan.

The Minister of IT conveyed her Government’s support for all advancement creatures to extend their foot formed impression in the country with a facilitative space.

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