Nandipur Power Plant resumes producing power

STAFF REPORT ISB: Nandipur Power Plant continued delivering 470 MW and was at long last conformed to 430 MW which is being infused to national grid.

The plant was introduced and effectively test keep running in August this year however was closed down hence in light of the fact that an understanding came to with a Malaysian firm for Operation and Maintenance (O and M) of plant was wiped out as it was requesting high rates. A task which stayed dead for around 10 years was effectively introduced and tried however was made a ‘major outrage’ due to couple of weeks deferral in its operations.

Nepra has affirmed an upfront tariff of Rs11.3 per unit for generation of power from heater oil for the Nandipur plant. It is appropriate to say here that duty requested from Nepra by KP government for hydro force plants is Rs12 per unit of power.

The required fuel for the plant was normal gas right from beginning yet it was chosen to make it a double fuel plant as investors were not prepared to fund a solitary fuel plant dreading losing their cash in the event of inaccessibility of a solitary fuel like gas.

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