TheNetwork holds seminar for sensitizing significance of organic food

STAFF REPORT ISB: The seminar focusing on system on safe common food in Pakistan was engineered by TheNetwork for Consumer Protection. The purpose of the course was to weight on building collaboration with the regular societys accomplices to target policy makers furthermore Pakistans Ministry of National Food Security and Research (MNFSandR) to manufacture support for a draft on Organic Farming Policy.

TheNetwork for Consumer Protection CEO Nadeem Iqbal said, “The collaboration must be sought between policy makers, general public, and food enterprises in order to mull for a sustainable food security and deliverance of safe food to the communities”.

Dr Sher Muhammad Senior Director National Institute of Agriculture (NIOA) said in the midst of the seminar, “Organic Rice from Pakistan are exchanged to European countries and checked as Indian in the worldwide business area. In Pakistan around 37million hectors of range is barren which can be saw as ideal for a developing. This would amass a strategy to overcome future challenges and ensure the openness of more secure normal sustenance choices which is in like manner the first purchaser right made by the Consumers International (CI) in the light of UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection, 1985 the benefit to principal needs, including clients qualification to nutritionals and safe food”.

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