ZONG expresses displeasure over faulty 3G spectrum

STAFF REPORT ISB: Zong, the foremost telecommunication company, has whined to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) over faulty 3G spectrum. The organization expressed that PTA and the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) had set up a mottled band available to be purchased, which brought on the organization immense misfortunes amid the year.

Zong Deputy Chief Executive Officer Niaz Abdul Malik said a legitimate notification has not been sent, but rather consistent correspondence is being sought after. He said, “We get objections from clients and afterward they are shared to PTA”. In the meantime, reports guaranteed that Zong was claiming high amount for compensation of the damages incurred due to faulty spectrum.

PTA Chairman Ismail Shah, in any case, said that the authority was not presented with a legitimate notification, but rather a letter was sent in which Zong communicated its reservations over the broken 3G service.

“We have held a meeting with Zong authorities recently and are attempting to resolve the issues,” said Shah. “Interruption in 3G administration is because of the unauthorized wireless services or grey operators in country which cause noise and interference in the spectrum”, he added.

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