Beware for abundance of Nutrient Blast

FERTILIZERS AND pesticides are considered to be the key platyers of better crop production. Fertilizers have to play their specific nutritious task whereas pesticides and other chemicals are known for their vitality in providing the protective umbrella against insects, diseases, and weeds. After the establishment of the Punjab Agricultural College Lyallpur (Faisalabad) in 1906, the researc-h activities on crop were started. In 1909, the research work on nitrogen requirements of different crops was initiated which was published in 1934 while phosphorus deficiency was primarily reported in 1952.

Plants are living entities and they need balanced nutritional ingredients. When one kind of food constituent goes on feeding, this action may accumulate in affluence resultant point of influx can come which may change the whole scenario i.e. the life of entity will be at danger moreover, ignorance or under dosed other essential elements will not be performing their due role and this situation may be formidable. It is fundamental fact to be applying balanced fertilizers to the crops as per their requirements which mean that the amount of deficient elements in the soil is to be supplemented.

On the other hand, farmers do not have basic knowledge of macro and micro essential elements of soil and their specific effects on crops. They just aware the bags of urea, DAP or NP but unaware bags formulation and percentage of active ingredients etc. henceforth, the use of site-specific recommendations in accordance with soil analysis and supplements of deficient elements for crop productivities is negligible known to the farmers. So fertilizers are being used blindly and thus the status of non-mobile nutrients in the soil due to the excessive use of fertilizers is adversely affecting the nutrient balance of soils resultantly causing depletion of soil fertility.

The nitrogenous fertilizers may be stagnated in the soil or get volatilized as ammonia. It may escape into the atmosphere which can increase its nitrogen contents. The nitrogen oxide may be efficiently got depleted the ozone layer. The run off nitrogen from nitrogenous fertilizers into the rivers and can get increased nitrate levels in water that will be injurious not only for flora and fauna but also specifically to the tertiary consumers. Same is the case with phosphorus (P), as one knows that Pakistani soils are calcareous in nature means there is more calcium in soils. We are adding more and more phosphorus in the soil which is getting bound in soil with calcium making tricalcium phosphate and which is unavailable to plants resultantly making Phosphorus pool in the soil. Thus, the level of P is increasing in the soil day by day. This bound phosphorus is increasing in the soil which is acting as “Nutrient Blast” in the soil. This situation give rise many quires like when this bomb will explode? How to diffuse this bomb? What will be the future of agriculture in Pakistan? Can we cope with food security for our future generations in this scenario?

The ecosystem is correlated with a number of chemical reactions resultantly, carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced in abundant quantity which is the main source of global warming and is also responsible for changing the agriculture scenario whereas CO2in combination with atmospheric water produces carbonic acid. This acidic reaction with other gasses like NO2and SO2is producing nitric and sulfur oxides. These oxides produce nitric acid and sulphuric acid, in a combination of these acids with rain water may cause “Acid Rain”. CO2is also producing smog (smoke + fog) which is oxidative reactive agent causing an effect on sunlight; less flow of air brown colored background resultantly the earth crust is facing greenhouse effect.

The effect of acid rain has been put up by many scientists like limestone cancer, adverse effect on plant health. It will lower the pH of the soil resultantly bound nutrients and aluminum (Al) will be available to plants which are non-available due to high pH of the soil. What will happen when Al will available in abundance? It will deplete with water and will be the part of reservoir like rivers, lakes water and will be affecting marine life. It means that marine life will be at danger at that time. The abundantly available Al will be affecting photosynthesis and enzyme action of plants. On the other hand, abundantly present nutrients in the soil which are non-available due to high pH, due to acid rain, pH of the soil will alarmingly decrease to 4-5 at which all bound nutrients will be available to plants. What will happen when all nutrients will available excessively? Can a plant be surviving in this situation? Can plant roots be performing their due function?

All above suppositions give answer big NO then where will be agriculture standing? Can we feed all livings without agriculture? Can government assure food security? In this very picture above questions automatically answers negatively so our sovereignty will be at risk that situation may be entitled as “Expected Nutrient Blast”.

In the above all description, a patriot Pakistani has to think over positively with commitment and goals. There is a dire need that every agriculture scientist to think and plan for assuring food security. The Government has also be active by developing ten years plan with comprehensive strategy coping all dangers and fears so that our sovereignty remain intact so each and every living entity is persuaded with food particularly huge masses of Pakistan. This positive doing will not only improve living standard of masses but also there will be teeming off prosperity reflections in our rural society.

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