Experts point energy, water, and agriculture as the prime victims of climate change

STAFF REPORT KHI: International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has held 14th meeting of National Coordination Body (NCB) of the Mangroves for the Future Programme (MFF). The aim of the meeting revolved around the identification of core areas such as energy, water, and agriculture being the prime victims of climate change phenomenon.

The experts from Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC), agriculturists, climate change researchers and scientists, general public participated in the event. Secretary MoCC, Arif Ahmed Khan said while commenting on the occasion, “The major impacts of climate change in the past have been on humans, accompanied by a cultural change. He said that climate change is a serious issue, citing abrupt weather patterns and the Karachi heat wave as major indications of a drastic climatic change. He added that the energy sector would be at the forefront of the combat against climate change, as most fossil fuels would likely dry up over the next couple of decades”.

The NCB recommended for establishment of marine protected areas in Pakistan and identified Churna Island and MianiHor as the two potential sites.Syed Mahmood Nasir, the Inspector General of Forests, Ministry of Climate Change urged that establishment of Marine Protected Areas is mandatory to fulfill our international commitments. Adding to this, Mr. Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative, IUCN Pakistan observed that “there were over 250 or so protected areas in Pakistan, which may appear protected on paper but are not so on the ground”. Participants were briefed about the progress made under the MFF small and medium sized grants and the overall activities undertaken by MFF in Pakistan.

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