PITB initiates Automatic Attendance System in PP

STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has set up automated attendance system for Punjab Police Department to beat different administrative and validating hindrances and streamline the system. It is pertinent to mention that PITB had earlier provided biometric devices to the police department for on spot identification of criminals.

DrUmar Saif, Chairman PITB while commenting on the system said that the system had started work and the central dashboard was getting investment from police base camp and distinctive working environments. The system is pretty much as strong to keep up the key record of each worker, for instance, enlistment, educational ability, criminal record, departmental methodology, teaches or adjusts, summaries of Annual Confidential Records (ACRs) and therapeutic profiles which couldnt be redesigned physically.

The system is useful to assess and investigate the workforce of a police central command with the extent of wrongdoings incident within its domain which could engage the forces to pardon the apportionment of the workforce according to the volume of infringement.

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