Eco-friendly development is the way forward for a safer planet: Speakers

STAFF REPORT ISB: An event was held to instigate a public talk on Climate Change and International Security which was organized by Embassy of France at Institute of Strategic Studies (ISS). The function whirled around significance of environmental conservation in order to save humans from catastrophic impacts such as floods, earthquakes, drought, food insecurity etc.

Deputy Special Representative for The Paris Climate Conference (COP21), Philippe Lacoste was present on the occasion as special guest. He said while addressing on the occasion, “The globe and the developing countries in particular are vulnerable to climate change impacts and the Paris Climate Change idea is to galvanize the stakeholders of the world to deliberate a unanimous agenda and future goals for a sustainable world and advocate environmental friendly development in order to protect future generations from noxious climate change phenomenon”.

Secretary, Minister of Climate Change (MoCC) represented the organization and dilated upon the fact that federal government of Pakistan was committed to make and implement policies in order to combat climate change. He said, “The share of renewable energy and fuel sources has to be significantly raised in order to cut greenhouse gases emissions and mull for a safer, cleaner environment thus shielding the country from the adversities of climate change”.

“There is almost 7% of federal budget which is being consumed directly or indirectly in climate change related projects”,he added.

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