Riphah University echoes escalation of energy sector

STAFF REPORT RWP: A seminar on Renewable Energy Resources was arranged by Riphah Institute of Public Policy.

Dr Rashid Beebeejaun, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister for energy, Government of Mauritius was present on the occasion as chief guest.

The specialists, delegates and leaders of the particular associations notified the DPM that renewable energy assets are imperative in Pakistans point of view as there is an intense lack of fossil fuels. Considering the capability of renewable energy in the nation, the Government of Pakistan has found a way to investigate and advance renewable energies and energy proficiency systems like; wind based force era, sun based gadgets and energy review for preservation and enhancing energy effectiveness so as to minimize the hole in the middle of interest and supply.

Vice Chancellor, Riphah International University, Dr Anis Ahmed said while addressing on the occasion, “Renewable energy can confer substantial commitment in energy blend which right now depends on gas and oil and the country needs to pay tremendous measure of cash as import bill”.

Dr Rashid Beebeejaun took a distinct fascination on the subject through broad QandA and welcomed the endeavors of Pakistan and focused on that common participation may be completed among the two nations in the range of renewable energy projects and further cooperation.

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