Experts woe environmental concerns in FATA development

STAFF REPORT ISB: An inception meeting was called out in order to examine the practices in the FATA region in which experts, scientists, water resource management professionals, representatives from NGOs, KPK government were present. The meeting marked the launching of two-year project directed at water governance improvement in FATA.

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Mahmood Akhtar Cheema, Country Representative of IUCN Pakistan, highlighted the need for establishing an environmental cell in FATA Secretariat, and also recounted the role of IUCN as regards the FATA region. “IUCNs early work in Pakistan was focused on the FATA region, for which IUCN had developed a sustainable development plan for FATA, and that work established the foundations for further work on environment-related strategies that IUCN crafted later for the government”.

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The chief guest on the occasion was the Secretary, Planning and Development, Department, Shakeel Qadir said while speaking to the participants, “The life-saving humanitarian, recovery and development efforts of the federal and provincial governments, the military, humanitarian agencies, donors and international financial institutions were successfully launched but the fact remains that the essential ecological focus was missing”.

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