Foodpanda brings global favourite calzone supreme to pakistan

STAFF REPORT KHI: Pizza lovers all over Karachi, rejoice as one of the globally favourite treats come to Pakistan. foodpanda and The New York Pizza have partnered up to exclusively bring Calzone Supreme, a giant one of its kind “cheesy pocket” that isnt a pizza, yet nothing less than an orb of similar exquisite flavors. For the very first time, a food innovation is set to take place in your city and by all means, your favourite mobile and online food ordering marketplace will be the first platform to get you to your first bite of Calzone Supreme.

A doughy 16″ disc in diameter, comprising of pockets abundant with cheese, green peppers, Italian sauce and other special elements incorporated in making pizzas, will undoubtedly be a larger than life treat for the foodie in you. While you recognize foodpanda as your first choice platform for hunger emergencies, the foodpanda team plans to reciprocate the same by making Calzone Supreme by The New York Pizza, exclusively available on their platform.

While food innovations have never been easy, foodie brains at The New York Pizza and foodpanda wanted to bring something special to their customers that does not only speak of creativity but also runs along the preference of our daily dining habits. Calzone Supreme will not only satisfy your love for pizza but will leave you desiring more. And with just a few taps on foodpanda mobile app, you are in for your first ever ride to the cheesy Calzone Supreme fiesta.

To place your first order for Calzone Supreme, log on to mobile app or website before the exclusive offer ends. Follow the social media buzz trail by using #onlyonfoodpanda and get a scoop on how foodies around the city are enjoying their first bite of Calzone Supreme.

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