Augmented human activities have created devastating declines in biodiversity: Speakers

STAFF REPORT BANNU: The Nation heritage of biological diversity is an irreplaceable source; the quality of life of our future generations depends on our preservation of plant and species. This was stated by the speakers while addressing a one day workshop on “Biodiversity Conservation for Sustainable Development” organized by weekly Technology Times in collaboration with University of Science and Technology, Bannu (USTB) to enhance awareness and understanding of issues related to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development among university youth.

The objectives of the workshop was to provide a forum to professionals, scientists, environmentalists, other groups of the society to share knowledge and experience on various aspects of biodiversity conversation and to mobilize university youth and select Technology Times Biodiversity Conservation Ambassador (BCA) to create awareness in less privileged and less aware areas of Pakistan.

Dr. Muhammad Rafique, Deputy Director General Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), said that there are several species of plant and animals which are endanger to extinct and need immediate protection to survive. The extinction of species alerts us about the future coming problems to our motherland Earth. The construction of dams and barrages has severely limited the underwater species movement and habitat, said Dr. Rafique.

The biodiversity reduction challenge is one of the foremost issues of Pakistan that need immediate attention in order to reduce gap between policy makers, scientists, and the general community, stated by Sayyed Paras Ali, Editor Weekly Technology Times. “Today media is considered the fourth pillar of the state, media has ability to bring the change on social and government level. So it is important to build capacity, educate and engage media in social and scientific development activities, so that media can highlight the relevant issues”, added by Sayyed Paras Ali.

Dr. Saira Abbass, Senior Lecturer at USTB emphasized importance of micro organism, she said that according to international rule of any commercial product, which involves bacterial strain the bio-safety, quality control, and patent of the commercial product is of far most importance. Despite of the long lasting efforts, there are a very few example, wherein any strain from Pakistan has been characterized, identified truly and/or validated yet.

Prof. Dr. Sultan Mahmood, Registrar USTB briefed the biodiversity condition of the Bannu and its environs area and role of USTB for protection of habitats. Dr. Zulqarnain, HoD Department of Botany, Govt Post Graduate College, Karak, Tahir Iqbal, Lecture Botany Department, USTB and Dr. Shahid Jamil, Assistant Professor, USTB also spoke on the occasion and highlighted different aspects of biodiversity conservation for sustainable development.

Alam Zeb, Ahmad Shah, Laila Raza, Najeeb Ullah, Sumbal Wasim were selected as Biodiversity Conversation Ambassadors (BCAs) from USTB.

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