Lacking pace of science and technology

With the fast changing methods and dimensions of developments, the world still desperately needs more and more highly professional research and development especially in the field of science and technology. This sector has always witnessed evolutionary changes but now its dimensions have changed with the revolutionary trends which have substantially dominated almost all fields of human life. Today, in a world changing quickly, we need more science and we need more qualified scientists. Science is a force that brings people together, to join hands in the pursuit of knowledge. Science is our best ally to tackle the consequences of climate change, to foster the culture of innovations all societies across the world need today. On November 10 the whole world including Pakistan observed the World Science Day with holding rallies, debates, seminars and TV shows and above all they renewed their commitments not only to make further research and progress in this field but also to ensure peace and development and to stress the responsible use of science for the benefit of society. In Pakistan, no doubt, some organizations particularly Pakistan Science Foundation, Pakistan Council for Science Technology and educational institutions arranged some purposeful activities to mark the World Science Day. However, notably the awareness level of students and common people is not at the level where it should have been. This is also a hard fact that our government is making comparatively taking better initiatives as compared to what the earlier governments have been doing with this significant sector. And as subsequently, the nation had to face a lot in terms of low pace of science and technology, week data collection system, lack of coordinated policies as well as expertise to handle natural disasters. However, it is never too late; things can be put on right track by reprioritizing the options available with the authorities concerned. This was what the developed nations had done in the past and now they are reaping massive benefits of progress. This is undoubtedly not an easy job; nation will have to sacrifice a lot but for their own better future. Though the culture of arranging exhibitions and job fairs has started developing, still the existing gap of coordination between academia and industrial sector can be termed a major factor behind non-promotion of innovative culture in the country. Both the sides need to come more closer to each other and share their professional requirements, so that the pace of science and technology is ensured in the required patterns.

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