Pakistani young girl reaches ‘SAPs Teen Innovator-2015’ Finals

STAFF REPORT ISB: Lamia Zuberi, 15, after developing mobile application on health and nutritional needs of students, has notched up to reach the grand finale of “Social Innovation Series”. She I competing for SAP’s Teen Innovator title. Lamia is an American based girl having her roots in Pakistan.

Mobile application titled as Select N Smoothies has tendency to allow students to create their own smoothies targeted at their specific nutritional requirements. The calorie count embedded within the application helps students choose from different edibles to make their smoothie from suggested drinks that house specific nutrients to fight ailment, maintain chemical balance of the body, and reduce lethargy.

Lamia has requested everyone to vote her by entering the email ID and click on the VOTE button at the following website: She is aiming at 25000+ votes to secure the title and become first Pakistani to have reached the milestone. The voting is opened till December 04, 2015 after which the winner will be announced.

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