No danger of nuclear leaks from K2, K3

ALI RAZA KHI: The nuclear plants planned to be built near Karachi are according to the latest designs, with radiation control devices installed and that there would be no danger of nuclear leaks from the plants.

Dr. Ansar Parvez, former chairperson Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and advisor to the National Command Authority and PAEC, said this during a detailed presentation on the K2 and K3 nuclear power plants that are going to be built with the assistance of China.

The presentation was given at a recently held seminar in the Karachi Press Club where a question was posed whether the nuclear power is a sustainable solution to the energy crises being faced by Pakistan.

The slogan of the seminar was Nuclear Power Need of the Hour.

Dr. Parvez said that the energy produced by both the plants would be 1,130 megawatts with a per unit cost of Rs7, which is the cheapest per unit rate of electricity in the country.

According to him, had there been sufficient nuclear power projects constructed in Pakistan, there would be no issue of circular debt, as what is currently faced by the government. He also said that both the plants would desalinate 10 million gallons of water on a daily basis, which could solve the issue of access to clean water for Karachi.

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