Microsoft Pakistan starts move to empower women, youth

STAFF REPORT ISB: Microsoft Pakistan has reiterated its commitment to contributing to the development of women and youth through its “UpgradeYourWorld” campaign.

The main vision of the campaign revolves around the idea that innovation and talent should not be limited to big cities because it is easily accessible and the campaign aims to enable women and the youth to positively influence the economy.

Speaking at a press conference here, Microsoft Pakistan Country Manager Nadeem Malik explained that the campaign was an initiative to empower and provide support in education and other fields relating to development, such as NGOs.

The campaign centres round Windows 10, the latest version of the worlds most popular operating system.

Microsoft Pakistan Senior Technology Strategist Jibran Jamshed said the new operating system is a cross-platform, making it easier for users to adjust and for developers to produce applications which do not need to be individually rewritten for different types of devices.

He also gave demonstration of many of the new features, including collaborative work using the cloud, Skype or other means. The standout feature was the applied use of augmented reality-computer generated visual aids that can be used to assist in real life interactions, such as shopping or how to fix a leaky water pipe.

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