PARC transfers solar dryer tech to farmers of Sukkur

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is introducing and transferring new innovations and technologies among farming community for promotion and development of agriculture sector in Pakistan.

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“Farmers can increase their production and income by using new knowledge and latest technologies,” said PARC chief Dr Nadeem Amjad at an inception workshop and ceremony of transfer of solar dryer technology to local farmers of Sukkur Region to produce export quality solar dried dates and by-products of dried banana.

He said Pakistans economy can be strengthened and the goal of food security can be achieved by giving priority to agriculture development activities as 70 per cent population of the country is directly or indirectly depend on this sector.

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He said that the federal and Sindh governments were working together for profitable agriculture in the province.

Through the use of latest technology, dates and banana can be dried and preserved to increase growers income.

He stressed the growers and village organizations to make sure continuous operation / functioning of the units to get maximum benefits from the technology distributed among them at farm and village level in the region.

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He said the solar dryers for dates and banana value addition units of PARC in the region would help to reduce the post harvest losses and improve the quality of the produce of the farmers that leads to increase exchange earnings through export of quality solar dried dates and other by-products of dried banana such as dried figs, chocolate dipped banana.

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