Anusha urges consensus on global agenda for use of ICTs to achieve SDGs

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Minister of State for IT Anusha Rahman Khan has emphasized the need for global policy consensus to maximize the utility of ICTs for achieving the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She said this while recently delivering her policy statement at the UN General Assembly high level meeting in New York.

The meeting was arranged to review the achievements of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) over the past decade.

“Today we recognize ICT as true drivers of economic growth with immense potential to transform lives of people and societies. However, I believe there is still a lot to be derived from the utility embedded in ICTs,” she said.

While laying down the policy priorities of the government, the minister said that Pakistan considered ICTs to be a key enabler to achieve efficiency, transparency, good governance and empowering the people. The government is pursuing the vision of accelerated digitization to transform Pakistan into a knowledge based economy.

She highlighted the need to continually address the issue of bridging digital divides in all manifestations among and within countries so that the remaining population can also have access to the immense knowledge platforms.

She explained that the concerns over safety and security potentially impede the objective of accelerated development and affect the confidence of people in using applications and services offered to traverse the cyberspace. Malicious and criminal activity over the internet that has increased manifold during the recent years needed effective response.

She further remarked that the cyber criminal activity which represents dark side of internet needs to be dealt collectively through collaborative efforts. In this context there is also a need to build capacity among nations to effectively address emerging issues.

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interesting reading:  MoU signs between FCEPL and Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs
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