PARC unveils solar powered AC pumping systems

STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) has introduced and installed solar powered AC pumping system at Talagang in district Chakwal to address the power issues for irrigation.

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This system is much economical than the existing DC solar pumping system and is affordable for farming community, said a statement issued by PARC here.

PARC Chairman Dr. Nadeem Amjad and former Chairman PARC Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad inaugurated the solar powered AC pumping system for deep tube well.

“The DC solar pumping system was not economically feasible where more discharge is required from depth of more than 200 feet. Therefore, it became a prime challenge to design and integrate solar power with available inverters and AC pumps through state-of-the-art technologies to address the issues in an affordable cost to farming community,” Dr. Nadeem said.

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He said PARC engineers have identified combination of solar powered AC pumps which is only the best economical workable option for deep water pumping.

This intervention, he said, has provided economical solution to the farmers having deep water source and now, a large farming communities would be able to provide supplement irrigation.

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He said after successful implementation of this system, deep water areas especially in Balochistan where majority of tubewells are more than 200 feet deep would be benefit from new technology.

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