Mobile classifieds site Sparklist launched through Telenor

STAFF REPORT ISB: Sparklist, a peer-to-peer classifieds mobile app, has announced a partnership with Telenor Pakistan.

This collaboration would enable Telenors customers to download Sparklist free. In addition, the customers can download the app through the Telenor App Store without the need for registering with a credit card.

Sparklist is the latest to join the market as a mobile app meant to connect buyers and sellers on one platform.

“Pakistan is one of the most promising markets for establishing an online, peer-to-peer, buying and selling platform,” said Nalla Karunanithy, a veteran tech-entrepreneur and global managing director and founder at Sparklist.

The official said that the beauty of Sparklist is that it allows users to discover new things and sell unwanted goods directly through our app.

With this partnership, user interaction and deals on Sparklist are expected to grow even more, due to Telenor Pakistans growing subscriber base of over 33.6 million and 3G penetration crossing 5.7 million subscriptions. The announcement of the strategic partnership comes six weeks after Sparklists launch in Pakistan.

Pakistan is the first country where Sparklist launched, with the service having gone live approximately three weeks ago. Currently its serving the two largest cities in the country: Karachi and Lahore.

Sparklist co-founder Nalla Karunanithy tells Tech in Asia that one of the main reasons they selected Pakistan is because of the rapid smartphone proliferation as well as the propensity for younger consumers to adapt to new technology.

“Its more secure from the sellers point of view as well. They dont need to make their phone or email address visible to the public as the in-app chat functionality takes care of that,” he adds.

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