Tech Times, Kamyab Pakistan ink MoU for joint cooperation

STAFF REPORT ISB: A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the weekly Technology Times and Kamyab Pakistan with an aim to develop cooperation and collaboration for the promotion of scientific culture in the society and strengthen the links between science and society.

The signing ceremony has recently been held in Islamabad where Sayyed Ali Mustafa Zaidi Paras, Editor and CEO of the Technology Times, and Mansoor Malik from Kamyab Pakistan signed the agreement.

Under the MoU, both the sides would approach the population, and most importantly our youth, more effectively in order to create a profound understanding for the necessity of science and research as a guarantee for life quality and to fill youngsters with enthusiasm for scientific careers.

Both the sides have agreed to work together for identification of core Areas for mutual cooperation, sharing their expertise with each other in facilitating entrepreneurship through science and technology, arranging technopreneurship training, workshops, conferences and various types of events for awareness creation among university youth specifically and other communities generally, and socio-economic development of the society.

They also agreed for mutual sharing and exchange of information and materials like literature, videos, and other data for designing of common activities to promote grass root entrepreneurship using technology.

Technology Times is the Pakistans first ever newspaper exclusively covering science and technology and other vital areas.

Kamyab Pakistan is a non-governmental, non partisan and non political organization has been working since 2010 and is a registered organization under the Societies Act 1860.

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