Pakistani and Chinese sides to evolve Strategic IT Sector Collaboration through E-Corridor supplementing CPEC

Press Release : A high level Chinese delegation led by Mr.Yan Lijin Chairman, China Investment Promotion Center called on Minister of State for IT Mrs.

Anusha Rehman here in Islamabad today to

discuss matters relating to collaboration between Pakistani and Chinese public and corporate

sector stakeholders in the areas of innovation, IT parks, electronic payments and other ICT

services and infrastructure of mutual interest. Member Telecom Mr. Mudassar Hussain, MD

PSEB Mr. Asim Shehryar were also present in the meeting.

While keeping in view the importance of the CPEC in establishing greater connectivity in the

region, both the sides agreed to enable development of a range of initiatives in the ICT sphere to

create an e-corridor to supplement the CPEC. Minister apprised the delegates that

Pakistans IT and Telecom Sector has lot of potential and now we have to explore the ways to reap

this possible mutual dividend from the tech sectors in an optimal way. She said that we believe in

“Digital Pakistan” and Chinese cooperation and collaboration will help us to materialize this

vision of “accelerated digitization”.

On a Chinese proposal of enabling public private partnership and Joint venture investment

mechanism fully participated by the Chinese IT and innovation outfits, the Minister assured the

delegation that any proposals will be thoroughly and quickly analyzed to ensure full transparency

and conformity to Pakistani legal system. Ministry of IT and PSEB will ensure collaboration

with the Chinese counterparts for synchronized efforts on all areas relating to ICT infrastructure

and particularly technology park development.

Anusha Rehman further said that we are already collaborating with Ministry of Commerce for

the development of e-commerce gateway framework so that online commercial ventures could

flourish further and consumers and companies could get more confidence in online payment

systems. Then we would like to invite international companies to establish their set ups here in

Pakistan as well. she ensured that any Chinese player wanting to invest in establishment of

Internet Payment systems and ecommerce gateways will receive full facilitation being a core

component of the e-commerce value chain.

The delegates appreciated the vision of the government and hailed the initiatives being taken by

the Ministry of Information Technology for uplifting of IT and Telecom sector.

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