Belarus, Pakistan to set up science, technology and innovation centre

MONITORING REPORT ISB: Belarus and Pakistan will set up a centre to coordinate science, technology and innovation cooperation, Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus Alexander Shumilin told the media.

“In 2015 Belarus made serious progress in developing cooperation with such countries as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia. In autumn 2015 we held a joint Belarusian-Pakistani contest of sci-tech projects for 2016-2017 in various areas including nanotechnologies, agriculture and biotechnologies, renewable energy technologies and IT,” Alexander saod.

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He also said that they are also working in setting up a Belarusian-Pakistani center to coordinate science, technology and innovation cooperation.

Alexander Shumilin explained that the center would promote cooperation between Belarusian and Pakistani research organizations as well as more efficient use of invested funds and resources.

Besides, in 2015 Belarus and Bangladesh adopted a program of cooperation in science and technology for 2015-2016.

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“The similar programme will Indonesia for 2016-2017 was adopted in December 2015. We will develop cooperation in the sci-tech sector through joint research projects and creation of joint companies,” he stressed. Alexander Shumilin said that Belarus is also in talks with Ecuador.

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