Govt-private coop needed to improve education sector

STAFF REPORT KHI: Unless the private sector comes in, education problems cannot be solved. No country, especially Pakistan, has the resources to do it on its own.

These views were shared by the chairperson of HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmed, at the National Education Conference on Quality in Higher Education: Issues and Current Practices.

Ahmed joined a panel discussion on national education policy via video conferencing, responding to the queries posed by participants, largely consisting of academics, representatives of higher education institutes and the media.

Explaining HECs position on universities internal matters, Ahmed said that it is the provincial governments who handle internal issues. The 18th Amendment is a reality and even before its implementation, education was 80% a provincial matter.

On the legal status of universities that are not registered with HEC and yet award degrees that are recognised elsewhere in Pakistan, the HEC chairman said that such institutions are illegal unless they have acquired a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC).

He further encouraged the participants to inform HEC about such institutions so that action can be taken against them.

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