Microsoft set to launch job portal in March

STAFF REPORT ISB: Microsoft Pakistan is set to present its job portal next month. This initiative is part of the companys corporate social responsibility initiatives in order to fill the gap between employment opportunities and job seekers.

“We apply our technology, talent and financial resources to foster opportunity… We inspire the common people to explore their true potential,” General Manager of Microsofts NEPA (North Africa, East Mediterranean and Pakistan) region, Leila Serhan, told the media at a recent press conference in Islamabad.

She said that people here are very sophisticated. They know what they want. Well continue to invest in the country. Leila said that there was a need for technology in Pakistan.

In addition, Country Manager of Microsoft Pakistan Nadeem Malik said on the occasion that the firm was facilitating young entrepreneurs through incubation centers across Pakistan. “Digital literacy is not a luxury anymore. Its the right of everyone,” he said.

He said that the forthcoming job portal, will not operate as a commercial site and that the firm will function with the chambers of commerce and foreign and domestic NGOs.

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